Outside Photos

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  • Bow when we purchased Dvbris in 1995.

    Bow when purchased
  • Bow after some simple restoration work. Pictured here at Calcutt top lock on the Grand Union canal.

    Bow after some work.
  • Stern when we purchased Dvbris in 1995.

    Stern when purchased.
  • Stern after a lot of restoration work. Pictured here north of Braunston on the Oxford Canal (North).

    Stern after some work.
  • Dvbris after some more paint work, pictured on the South Oxford canal.

    Dvbris in lock.
  • Stern after more restoration work, with boards in position to stop little children falling into the canal.

    Stern with boards.
  • Dvbris in the early stages of being lifted out, before having a new bottom fitted.

    out of water 2b.JPG (4205 bytes)
  • Easy does it now!

    out of water 3b.JPG (3846 bytes)
  • Nearly there.

    out of water 1b.JPG (3998 bytes)
  • A nice photograph of Dvbris on a duck weed covered North Oxford Canal during the summer of 1999.

    green water b.JPG (2796 bytes)